Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

As autumn starts and the weather starts to change I am able to do what is one of my favourite themes. Autumn Leaves. The mixture of autumnal tones works excellently with the winter stock we have in store. The falling leaves are one of my favourite props, I spent such a long time sewing them onto the invisible thread but due to the flexibilty and amount of times I have used them it has been well worth it.

I was asked beforehand by a supervisor if it would be possible to use the puppet theatre in the window this weeek and it just works perfectly. We very rarely have any toys in stock but I have found that when we do if placed in the window they tend to always sell, and I think the two little bears add an element of fun to the window, engaging the audience with the display more.

This week I was incredibly grateful that I was not the only person on the shop floor and so was able to  get the ladder out from the backroom as it is a rather mammoth task. The ladder is a prop that I find can either completely make a window or be a terrible pain. The ladder has lots of very narrow steps and finding items to go on each of these can be a real challenge, though if there is an item for each step it gives the item more space and attention than other methods availible for display in this shop.

I have had the fir-cones in a box in for almost a year and was so glad that I finally had the chance to actually use them. With smaller props I find it far more effective to use lots a lot of them with slight variations rather than just one or two, but with the doilies which are larger it is better to only a carefully curated selection.

The red dress in the centre of the window was very eye grabbing. I had loved the dress hanging up but until I put it on the mannequin did I realise that it would be big enough for me, and actually bought it for myself. What I find so interesting and is a sign of how much difference good visual merchandising is was that a lot of people came in to ask about the dress, even though it had been in store over a month. Normally if I had wanted the dress I would have just bought it and not left it in the window but at the time the shop was having staffing issues causing there t obe a real lack of stock sorted and on the shop floor. The outfit on the other mannequin literally came in to the shop as I was dressing her, if it had not I would have had no clue what to put her in.

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