Briefing and My Aims

Briefing and My Aims

We were given the brief the module today, but we are not forming the groups for the project for a few weeks. Until that time we are to develop our skills and technical knowledge.

Visual Literacy- The ability to evaluate, apply or create meanuiingful visual representation

This requires both strong technical and conceptual skills to communicate effectively with an audience. The work has to speak for itself.

The Brief

During this module, you will extend your visual communication skills through a process of technical skills development and public engagement.

This module will enable you to develop and deepen your practical and technical skills in one or more practice areas, as defined by you and in negotiation with your module leader. These are likely to be within the fields of: illustration; photography; moving image: graphic design. Sessions led by workshop technicians and tutors relevant to your specialism will assist you in your learning, but a significant amount of self-initiated learning is also expected.

During this module, you have the opportunity to accumulate skills and apply them to a resolved piece of work suitable for public event or exhibition. You will work in teams with your peers to create and plan this collaborative external event, drawing on module teaching on subjects such as curatorial practice and public engagement.

My Aims

In small groups with a tutor we were asked to think aout what our aims over this modile are, particularly skill building. Mine are:

  • Wood turning
  • Acheiving a more professional, clean look to what I create
  • Testing my habadashery skills and exploring them
  • Exploring wotking woth different materials together, especially mixing soft with hard.

In the talking the habadashery and unusal material idea was strongly focused on. The idea of using industrial materials, or people bringing me strange, impractical things to knit with.

It was also suggested to make the yarn myself and learn how to drop spin or to make needles out of impractical materials.

From this tutorial I am going to try and knit with as many unusual materials as I can, try and make some knitting needles and investigate drop spinning.

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